CD Review – The Quiet Kids – Serious Lovers

CD Review – The Quiet Kids – Serious Lovers

Released: April 2010/Unsigned Indie Band

by Jade Sperry



CD Cover for "Serious Lovers".


Vancouver’s The Quiet Kids are making some real waves in the Vancouver Indie music scene. They formed the band just last year (2009) and have recorded and released their debut 11 song collection called Serious Lovers. The members are Jay Hosking (vocals/keys/guitar), Ronnie Ellis (guitar/vocals), Mike Bowd (bass) and Geoffrey Stratton (drums). This band is totally original in its music but could be compared to bands like Tool, A Perfect Circle and maybe The Killers. But, I stress that The Quiet Kids only mildly sound like these bands.


Starting out with “Fugue State”, this song makes you want to jump up and get moving in a good way. Musically there is a great amount of tension in this song (as all the songs on the CD have this same kind of tension) that makes for a high strung feeling throughout the song and CD. Great drumming and vocals make this song a good choice to open the CD with, and there is some fine bass work with root chords that are just outstanding. Lyrically, this song speaks of isolation, paranoia and of moving away to find better things to come after being through the wringer, so to speak. “Her Euology” starts out in a kind of Devo-ish way but quickly changes to an original song. Musically, its a fast paced song which has that tension as well as anger in the chord structure. Lyrically, speaking of funerals and asking “what the fuck is your problem” and “nothing ever happens” can be taken in many ways by different people. The fourth song “Instrument” is a bit more on the slower side but has biting tension in not only the music but in the lyrics as well. For this writer “The Party” is the most original song on the CD. Starting with trippy keyboards that go back and forth fast this song utilizes many instrumental melodies, off key chord structures and all instruments played by the band are used in unusual ways. Lyrically this song speaks of wanting to be with a person or group of people you haven’t seen in a while. Other standout songs are “The List” which has a sombre sad feel musically to it; and “’Til Then” which is a lovely ballad sung well and played acoustically. Brilliant! This song is also the longest at 4:15 on the CD.


I highly recommend this CD to anyone that likes harder edged music that is original and really doesn’t resemble any band that I’ve ever heard to date.


The Quiet Kids are playing some shows in the Vancouver area over the next several months with more dates to be added. You can check out their MYSPACE page which has other links to other pages. If you’d like to purchase a copy of the CD, you can contact the band directly at the following email address:


Upcoming shows:


19 November – Pat’s Pub w/ AK-747’s, Wizerds and Vincent Parker

18 December – The Forum w/ Bangarang, Oh No Yoko!, DJ Fratkid and Junior


9 March 2011 – The Forum for Push The Amp 2011 Battle of the Bands (the money you pay for the tickets purchased through the band goes directly to the band so contact them through email for tickets)