CD Review and Interview – Se7enSided – The Silver Lining

CD Review – Se7enSided – The Silver Lining

Released: May 19, 2009

by Jade Sperry


Se7enSided the band. Photo by Nicole Ashley Photography.

Se7enSided are an interesting and solid rock band currently residing in Edmonton AB Canada. This is a band that has been together for over 7 years, have shared a stage with the likes of Canadian acts Default and Social Code among others . This is a band that is driven and passionate about their music which is powerful and original. The current members of the band are: Darren Nakonechny (lead vocals/guitar), Graham Bissell (lead guitar/backup vocals), Aaron Hanley (drums) and Jon Squires (bass).

The 10 song CD starts with the song “Break Me Out” which has some tight bass playing that are under the vocals and guitars which gives it a really solid backbone for the melody to float on. Darren’s vocals are sung with passion, Graham’s guitars are choppy and fluid and the drums pull it all together. Lyrically, this song is about a breakup that leaves you feeling that even though its hard to let go, you need to follow your instincts in matters of the heart (I hate goodbyes/but I think its time we’ll say it anyway/I’m letting go). “Watch Me Burn” is a kick ass song that starts out slow and mellow and builds to a solid chorus. The acoustic guitar works so well with Darren’s vocals and the timing of the song is impeccable. Lyrically, this is a song about feeling trapped with one person who may not be the best match for you personally (have you ever felt broken/had your everything/your whole life stolen/ I am running out/out of air). “Your Fool” is in this writer’s opinion the best song on the CD. Musically, its an odd time signature but it works with the vocals very well. The bass break in the song is played really well and is kind of ominous and foreboding. Darren’s vocals are passionate and edgy. Lyrically this song is about being in a relationship in which the other person is making you feel like a total ass (call me a fool/cause I miss you/well its not right/you’re on my mind/you’re off with him/I’m losing again). Another standout song is “Rust”. The melody is very catchy as is the riff. I totally dig the beginning and I like the fluidity of this song above the others. The drumming is superb with timing changes in the bridgework. Lyrically, I love the way the lyrics really speak of being in a “rusty” relationship (hello how are you feeling/when you’re cell phone isn’t ringing/I thought you always had my back/What the hell would ever make me think that).

Se7enSided are currently recording new material which should be out in the near future. In the meantime, you can find the band on their website, Myspace page and watch a video for a live acoustic performance right here:

The band has a couple of shows on December 28 & 29 at The Rose and Crown in Banff, AB where they are headlining. Tickets are $10 at the door and the doors open at 8pm.

I also had the opportunity to interview the band via email, and here is what they had to say about all things Se7enSided….

What personal goals has the band as a whole achieved in the last year?

The last year has been extremely busy for us; last March (CFBR) 100.3 The Bear & Astral Media sent us to Canadian Music Week to take part in the RADIOSTAR contest as Regional Finalists for our song “Rust” off our debut album ‘The Silver Lining.’ We met a lot of great people, cool bands and learned a lot about the industry. In July we played at the Kin Slo Pitch Festival in Edson, AB to a crowd of 5000 people opening for Default! We also shared the stage with Soul Side In, and Social Code in the past year as well. We feel as though we have accomplished a lot, and continue to try to do bigger & better things in the future!

What goals in relation to the band are you setting now to work towards over the next year?

Currently we are writing and recording pre-production tracks for our upcoming album. We’re just begging the process but it’s definitely exciting to start writing again!
We’re looking into producers, studios, and all that kind of stuff – but it may be a while until you see a new Se7en Sided record on the shelves!

As a band, what has been the best thing that has happened, and the worst thing?

So far, the best thing for us was playing with Default at the Kin Slo Pitch Festival in Edson! I mean, 5000 crazy, screaming fans… you can’t go wrong! & they loved us, so it was a great time!!! The worst? We haven’t had horrible luck, but we have shown up to clubs with like 5 people in them and had to play – and been double booked (we were double booked with a burlesque show in Calgary last year haha!!)

How do you see the current state of the Corporate Music Industry in relation to your band? How do you see your band in the big scheme of things (ie/ indie Canadian band) in comparison to counterparts in other countries? How does being an indie band bring the creativity out of yourselves? Do you feel you have to compete for an audience? What’s your take on all of this??

Well as an independent, unsigned band currently we just have to be hopeful. We work extremely hard, practicing and rehearsing countless hours every week, playing as frequently as we can, continually getting better as musicians & song writers and trying to get as many people to hear our music as we can – that is all we can do at this point. Being a Canadian band trying to make it is tough. There are only 32 million people and are all very spread out. Maybe it’s good? Maybe it’s not? It sure makes touring tougher… you need to drive 8 hours a day to get to the next city… sometimes longer! Who likes 15 hour drives? If we were in the UK there would be the same number of people in the size of Alberta… you could tour it easily! So you really have to make your music something great, as well as the live show. You have to be noticeable enough that people on the other side of the country are like “I wanna see these guys! I wanna buy their record!” But as long as you play good music and give it all you got, people respond to it and that’s all that counts.

Do you feel that the band have control over how your music reaches the fans? If yes, why do you feel this way and what factors into that?

It’s sort of a yes/no answer. We certainly try to put our music out in every way we can; whether that’s building up a fan base online (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Etc.) or playing live as often, and in as many places as possible. We also have our songs on a number of radio stations across Canada. Just in Edmonton alone, we’ve received high rotation on 100.3 The Bear for our song “Rust” and on 102.3 NOW radio for our singles “It’s Over” & “Face Yourself.” All of this has come through hard work and perseverance, but if we were signed or had higher connections success would be much easier. You can’t make someone listen to your music, but you can definitely try!

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard the music before?

A musical experience that can only be appreciated by heading down to your local HMV or hitting up iTunes, or Amazon and grabbing a copy yourself.

Who are the primary songwriters in the band? Collectively, how does the songwriting process go within the band?

Darren (lead vocals/rhythm guitar) usually writes the skeletons of the songs, and then brings them to the band and we flesh them out there. Whether it needs some lyrics or just musical parts or whatever, we figure a lot of stuff out as a band and just try stuff until it works and feels good. We all come from very different backgrounds literally and in terms of what we listen to musically. So it’s great to have a bunch of different ideas flying around – it keeps things interesting!

How did you come up with the band name?

It’s a question we seem to get asked all the time. Although we get this question on a regular basis its always been the same simple answer…. a seven sided figure is a unique an uncommon shape, we like to believe this is very true with our music as well. As a seven sided shape does exist (Heptagon), so does our distinct, original, diverse style of modern rock music.

What is your opinion on the current state of the Edmonton music scene? Do you feel that there are enough venues for bands to book club shows, or, do you feel that there is too much competition for the club slots? What’s your experience with this issue?

There are a number of great venues in Edmonton and it’s got a great scene! If you play good music, people will like you – if people like you, places will book you. That’s my impression of it, and it seems to be working for us. There are great bands on the scene as well, and when you can hook up with two or three other bands and get a real bill going it’s a lot of fun!