Raised Paint EP Review

Raised Paint CD Cover - courtesy of the artist.

Raised Paint EP Review

by Jade Sperry

Jackson Fishauf’s newest project is Raised Paint. Released in November 2009, this EP has some meat underneath the melodies of the songs. First off, I’d like to say that I like the way Jackson sings. His vocals show a lot more confidence especially in the song “Fist”. His voice fills with emotion in just the right spots with this song. The other songs are just as good, vocally speaking. With that said, the song “White Business Class Blues” is stark in its vision but the guitars and Jackson’s voice are biting and bitter but not overly done. There’s just enough punch to get the point across. It’s a well written song musically and performed with hard emotion. I really like the intro to “The Wildest Honey No. 2” with the drums. That opening gives your ears something to hook into and as you listen to the song you realize that even though its not musically great, it has emotion and heart. That is what draws you into the gates of the song. “Just Peggy” gives me the shivers in a good way. Starting out slow and easy musically, the lyrics of this song take you to another place. I found this song to have strong contrast within the lyrics which contrasted with the music. But not in a bad way. It creates a statement in just doing that. This song has grown to be my favorite for that reason. This is a strong EP and shows growth in the maturity of the songs since Jackson’s past project, The Imaginaries. Raised Paint’s music is well constructed, thought provoking, emotional and reminds me of a side project that Frank Black would easily get involved in.

You can find Raised Paint at their Bandcamp Site where you can download the song and pay what you will.