EP Review – The Bloody Five – Bedroom Music

EP Review – The Bloody Five – Bedroom Music

Released: June 2010

By Jade Sperry


The Bloody Five is a 4 member band hailing from greater Toronto ON. The members of this band are connected by a mutual passion for creating music and building on each others’ imaginations. The band members are: Kevee Dee (KD, vocals, rhythm guitar and keys), Tomi Fear (lead guitars), Chris Hau (bass) and Robbie “Raw Beats” Sedran (drums). This is a band that has many different eras of Rock that influence the bands’ sound because the members of this band grew up in different musical eras but they’re all drawn to Rock music that has a timelessness to it. Tomi and KD found a common passion for music appreciation and production while playing weekly with The Vinyl Knights, a jam band from Claremont ON. Bass player Chris Hau’s passion for music is fed both by his ongoing solo acoustic project and The Bloody Five’s energetic group dynamic in which his bass licks – and onstage acrobatics – are a driving force to be reckoned with. Robby “Raw Beats” Sedran (drums) rounds out the band with his uncanny ability to define the groove with innovative fills and his double pass pedal. Their 5 song EP, Bedroom Music, was well received by fans and was given positive reviews. This band also works hard to manage and promote itself using online social networks (such as Twitter and MySpace) and they collaborate with different people who also yearn to express their artistic passion in different ways. They released this EP online for free in anticipation of their upcoming second EP which will be released sometime this year. They were also nominated for a Toronto Independent Music Award in 2010. This EP was produced by Derek Hoffman and was mastered by Joseph Coupal.

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One thing that should be stated here is that you can hear the influences of such bands like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Tool and The Cure within The Bloody Five’s music but, in hearing these influences within their music, they take the influence and make it their own. That’s pretty difficult to do in this day and age.

The EP starts out with the song “Never Again” which is a hard edged, head-banging, get up and start doing something kind of song. The guitars are hard, distorted and command your immediate attention. The time changes within this one song are done amazingly well and at all times the bass and drums combine strength to make the song fluid for the full four plus minutes of the song. This song basically speaks of never doing anything again that would depress or isolate you in some way. “Bedroom Music” is fast paced, rocking and has overtones of actual jazz chord structure within the rock context. And the song speaks of “bedroom music/will you be my lover” which could mean the love of music or another person. “Under This Mountain” is a complete 180 from the first two songs. Much in the groove of a trippy, slow and melodic song that flows out from all four members in a very good way. Understated, mellow guitars mixed with a melodic tone of the keys sounds really well with the bass and drums. The vocals add that oomph layer that makes the song work. The line “under this mountain/there’s no pain” and then “it happens three times a day/what was I going to say” just makes so much sense with the music. Well done! The other two songs, “Just Joking” and “And For Me The Forest” are also songs with substance. I would highly recommend this EP as the music is produced (by Derek Hoffman) mixed and mastered (by Joseph Coupal) very well.

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The Bloody Five – Bedroom Music – Free download

Chris Hau’s music can be found right here:

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The band members all have their own Twitter accounts and you can find them on their MySpace page.

Video – Under The Mountain

Raised Paint EP Review

Raised Paint CD Cover - courtesy of the artist.

Raised Paint EP Review

by Jade Sperry

Jackson Fishauf’s newest project is Raised Paint. Released in November 2009, this EP has some meat underneath the melodies of the songs. First off, I’d like to say that I like the way Jackson sings. His vocals show a lot more confidence especially in the song “Fist”. His voice fills with emotion in just the right spots with this song. The other songs are just as good, vocally speaking. With that said, the song “White Business Class Blues” is stark in its vision but the guitars and Jackson’s voice are biting and bitter but not overly done. There’s just enough punch to get the point across. It’s a well written song musically and performed with hard emotion. I really like the intro to “The Wildest Honey No. 2” with the drums. That opening gives your ears something to hook into and as you listen to the song you realize that even though its not musically great, it has emotion and heart. That is what draws you into the gates of the song. “Just Peggy” gives me the shivers in a good way. Starting out slow and easy musically, the lyrics of this song take you to another place. I found this song to have strong contrast within the lyrics which contrasted with the music. But not in a bad way. It creates a statement in just doing that. This song has grown to be my favorite for that reason. This is a strong EP and shows growth in the maturity of the songs since Jackson’s past project, The Imaginaries. Raised Paint’s music is well constructed, thought provoking, emotional and reminds me of a side project that Frank Black would easily get involved in.

You can find Raised Paint at their Bandcamp Site where you can download the song and pay what you will.