CD Review – Crimes In Paris – Modern Ghost Stories

CD Review – Crimes In Paris – Modern Ghost Stories

Released: August 2010

by Jade Sperry


Crimes In Paris are a new band that are making waves in the Toronto ON area. The four man band are a theatrical rock performance based kind of group. The music has many elements: ambient, cabaret, folk and alternative sounds. The members are Rayce Veitch (vocals/rhythm guitars), Stuart Miller (lead guitars), Rudy Olsson (bass) and Zach Giannotti (drums).

The 10 song CD is full of so many different styles, sounds and beats it makes for great music. The lead off song “Yesterday” has great rhythm, a solid backbone and is funky and fast. I am reminded vaguely of Celtic sounds within the song itself (which is probably due to the guitars and drumming). The vocals are understated but done very well. Lyrically, you know what kind of song this will be by the opening line “Well I feel happier than yesterday/does it put your mind at ease?” which gives an impression of being depressed or feeling isolated inside yourself while trying to put on a cheerful exterior to the world you live in. “Tonight” is a song that has a jazzy/cabaret style to it that reminds me of The Dresden Dolls/Amanda Palmer style music. Funky with a full horn sound, this song is well written, mixed and mastered and performed by all members extremely well. Lyrically, it has many lines that bring many different contrasting images to mind which makes this song a real gem on the CD. Other standout songs are”Shine A Light”, “Into The Sea”, “Let Me Know” and this writer’s favorite song “The Artist”. That song hits me right where I live in this moment in time, and it could be about any artist on the planet.

cipstripI would highly recommend the free download from the band’s WEBSITE which has links for Twitter, Facebook, etc. The band can also be found at their MYSPACE page for all info related to the band.

“Running Ink” – Crimes In Paris from Olaf Blomerus on Vimeo.

Official Video for ‘Running Ink’ off the debut album Modern Ghost Stories by Crimes In Paris.

Director: Olaf Blomerus

Cinematographer: Jesse Blight