CD Review – Lola Spriggs – Nobody But You

CD Review – Lola Spriggs – Nobody But You

Released: January 2010 Canada, February 2010 US

by Jade Sperry


Lola Spriggs is a native of Montreal Quebec Canada but started her career in trendy Ottawa nightclubs. She has 3 previous releases under her belt with 2004’s mini CD Expressed, 2005’s Lifescrapes, and 2008’s Barefoot. Lola’s collection of all original songs over the years is extensive and they have received regular play on radio stations in Canada and the US. Her career includes stints in regional favourites The Republic and fronting Rough Edges as 2 good examples. She has also been nominated for a Hollywood Music in Media award in the Adult Contemporary/AAA categroy for her breakthrough US single “Nobody But You”. Lola is the only Canadian nominee in this category. The nominated song was co-written by internationally acclaimed platinum producer Marcus Kane (Snow, Xquisite, GQ).

Lola’s newest offering is a six song collection called Nobody But You which was released in January 2010 in Canada (and in February in the US). Lola has original, fresh and vibrant music that has great pop sensibilities, good hooks and melodies that have a flow and ebb all their own. First up is the very pop oriented song “I Wanna Love You”. This song is so catchy it flows smoothly like Jack Daniels over ice on a hot summer day. Original melodies and good chord structure in blues, this song is worth the price of the whole CD. “Nobody But You” is the song Lola has been nominated for with HMMA. On the slow side in a good time signature, this song evokes passion and and a sense of longing for what you’re looking for in love or in friendship. Well written, well performed vocally and musically, this song stands head and shoulders above the other 5 songs on this CD. The other standout song for this writer is “The Game” which has a rock edge to it. This song is structured differently in a rock sense as opposed to a pop sense. Good hooks, a great melody and stellar vocal performance from Lola makes me wonder what she will do next in her career. I’m looking forward to what she does in the future.

You can find Lola Spriggs on her MYSPACE page as well as her WEBSITE.