CD Review – Bridges and Breakdowns

CD Review – Bridges and Breakdowns

by Jade Sperry

Bridges and Breakdowns are a band from Maple Ridge BC that was formed in 2007. In a three year period, they have risen to achieve their early goals which include a second place finish in the Battle of the Bands this past January (and they won a qualifier in December 2009 for that second place finish), opened for Ill Scarlet and Marianna’s Trench in February at an Olympic show in Surrey, and are now playing shows at The Media Club and other venues in the Vancouver area. Their self titled seven song CD shows that this band is serious and has depth. The members of the band are Tay MacRae (rhythm guitar and lead vocals), Kris DeLange (lead guitar), Tyson McLellan (bass) and Kevin Goode (drums). Tay and Kris trade off guitar solos through the songs to keep it even.

The CD opens with “Take You For A Ride” which has a great vibe throughout the entire song. Dirty guitar riffs and hard hitting drums with two pauses leading into the bridge and back out into the song makes this very appealing and could be on CFOX’s rotation playlists. “Take It” has a rock/metal/punk feel to it. Musically this a great song built on a very good melody. The vocal work by Tay is outstanding as is the guitar solo by Kris which reminds me of Slash meets Iron Maiden. “Goin’ Home” is a completely different song than the first two as it’s more a power ballad that has a laid back feel with an acoustic guitar that dominates the song. The guitar solo is outstanding in its simplicity but gives the song a mournful feel to it and the vocal work is effective in bringing an emotional side to the band. “You Won’t Like It” has some solid guitar work by Kris and a great rhythm section with the bass and drums. The only flaw is that the melody doesn’t quite hit the mark and sounds like a variation of the first song. “Find Another” is a song that musically is very uneven but interesting in that the unevenness of the song actually makes the song its own. Choppy guitar riffs over vocals that are hard sounding in a ¾ rhythm makes the song interesting in its construction. “These Days Are Over” is musically solid but lacks overall energy. The song itself is not bad and has a good time change in the chorus and bridge but there is just something missing. The final song “I Won’t Call” is a ballad that is well written and mixed. The feeling it creates is longing for something that is past and gone which all of us feel like at one time or another. Solid guitars and slow build ups to the bridges and choruses from the rhythm of the bass and drums makes this song the gem of this CD. Overall, this CD is well mixed and mastered and shows a band that is maturing right before our eyes and ears. I look forward to hearing more of Bridges and Breakdowns in the future.

The band is currently playing shows in the Vancouver area and are at The Roxy in Vancouver Tuesday April 27 for Canadian Content night. Doors are at 8pm, cover charge is $7 with a ticket and $10 without. Your cover charge includes one free beverage and a slice of pizza.

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GoTime Productions Home: Band Finals – Vancouver @ Wise Hall Jan 29 2010

Vancouver Supernova Finals, Wise Hall, Vancouver – Jan 29 2010, Show Review Band Finals

Bridges and Breakdowns

by Jade Sperry

It’s Friday in the rainy city of Vancouver and I’m off to photograph’s Battle of the Bands Finals. I arrived at Wise Hall and met with one of the co-ordinators, Vanessa. I then set about taking test shots of the hall in general to test lighting and shades.

The first act was a solo by Johnny Good. I found that he is a good guitarist and has excellent melodies to his songs. Johnny’s music reminded me of mellow folk music with a bite to the lyrics. I found his voice to be strong and full of emotion. It was definitely a good start to the night. Band Finals

Johnny Good

The next act, This Means Nothing in Mexico, were a trio of young men probably still in high school. But looks and youth can be deceiving. I found their songs to have really good tempo and chord changes. Judging by the reaction of the crowd, they definitely have a fanbase. I also found them all to be entertaining and their personalities seem to mesh well with being onstage. Band Finals

This Means Nothing In Mexico

Decognition took the stage next. This was a high energy band with fast guitar riffs and a solid steady rhythm throughout each song of their short set. I also found that they have good stage presence and this will serve them well in the future. Band Finals


High Life Scenery were next. I really got into the music of this band. Even though all the band members are teenagers, I didn’t think that about their music. Solid chord progressions, good melodies and high energy really took the crowd to another level. At first, they seemed surprised by the reaction they received, but then really got into the show. What struck me the most was how polite they were onstage, thanking the crowd for coming out and thanking the people. Band Finals

High Life Scenery

Red Couch Lounge came on next, and instantly reminded me of of a mix of Rage Against The Machine and Wolfmother. Funky guitar and bass grooves mixed with pop sensibility were the highlight of every song. The young man who played bass blew this writer away with his root chords and just how well he can play a bass. Mind-blowing. This band has excellent rhythm to every song with very good guitar chord progression and melodies. The singer has a very good voice and this band could very easily take it the next level if they chose to. Band Finals

Red Couch Lounge

The next band that came onstage was Jive Talk. I loved their initial outfits onstage. Pink fur jackets with dark shades on as well as the korean drummer and the police guitarist! I knew that this was going to be a good set just based on that. I was happy to hear that they also have really well placed funky grooves as the bass player was right on the money with every song. This band can pretty much do it all – excellent chord changes and progressions, really fast tempo changes and very high energy onstage is what a band is all about. I really enjoyed a sax player onstage, and this young man can certainly play with the best of them. Band Finals

Jive Talk

Bridges and Breakdowns hit the stage next with their heavy guitars and solid chord progressions. The singer had a very big personality which really set the crowd off into a frenzy. The crowd really got into this band’s set. As a collective, this band oozes with high energy that you can actually feel. That is hard to get across in any setting but they manged that without much effort. The melodies of the songs are well constructed and each member plays with enthusiasm in each song. Band Finals

Bridges and Breakdowns

Soldat came on after, and this was a solid band hands down. The singer really knows how to sing and he can push it in any direction he chooses to go into. The drummer hit the skins hard which gave all the songs a fantastic backbone to work from. Add the bass into that and you have a phenomenal rhythm section. The bass player was hard on the strings but that worked well with the hard hitting drummer. Every song had very good chord progressions and the root chord rhythms just worked so well into what the guitarists were doing. Band Finals


The Colombians were a good band but I wondered why they set up their own drums when no other band did that. Regardless, I was surprised by their raw sound. Solid rhythms, good vocal work and high energy made this band sound great. The drummer hit the skins hard and the bass followed the drummer in perfect time. The lead singer has very strong vocal chords and I really got into the sound of his voice. All members had great stage presence, and I liked how this band was encouraging the audience to participate with them. Band Finals

The Colombians

Next up was the band Columbia. Most bands had a set of 4-5 songs while this band only had 3 songs. Regardless of that, I found that they played extremely well despite a small crowd and short set. Columbia used that small space of time to hit up the crowd with solid guitar chords from Richard and Jason. Each song was played in time and in tune with a lot of energy. This band really has found its members and they all click onstage and off. Columbia’s songs are well executed, well constructed and have a lot to say to everyone. They were happy to be there, and found that their fans who can’t make it into clubs because of age were there and they were interacting with them. That was great to see. Band Finals


At that point, I had been in Wise Hall for just over 6 hours and I really needed to eat some kind of meal. Since they were only selling snack food, I left to get something to eat and call it a night. Although I didn’t speak to most of the bands because of time constraints on photography, I overheard many conversations of the guys in the bands with their friends, and it was all about being excited, playing a set to people who’ve never seen these bands and that was the vibe for most of the evening – EXCITEMENT.

As of this writing, Columbia were the winners of this phase of the contest. I can only wish them well in their future endeavors, and I hope to join their ride with them in their first cross Canada tour starting in March 2010.

And finally, Corina at posted a review of the winners, and you can see a picture of Richard Jacquard from Columbia that I took.  So I would like to say a big thank you to the folks at – Vanessa and Corina in particular.  Cheers! Band Finals Band Finals