EP Review – Rec Centre – Long Weekend

EP Review – Rec Centre – Long Weekend

Released – October 26, 2010

Runtime: 18+ minutes

by Jade Sperry


Eh! Jay is the voice, musician and songwriter of Rec Centre. Currently residing in Vancouver BC., he has released a 6-song EP entitled Long Weekend. The songs on this EP have the flavour of many musical influences. Starting with the song “Sleeper” the melodies and vocals in this song reminds me strongly of the superb Manchester UK band The Stone Roses from the late 1980’s. There is a very catchy melody through the entire song that is languid and pleasant to listen to. This song speaks of “using the headphones/the music disses out the neighbours” which anyone can relate to. “Sainted” is a song that really has a heavy blues influence which reminds me of The Doors. It has a slow groove that builds and creates a certain atmosphere in the song and is in minor keys which give it an Eastern feel although the song is about “east van basements”. I especially like the dream-like/psychedelic inspired vocals in this song. “Funner” is upbeat, great tempo and has a quirky melody. Mostly about going back to school, this song is original in its overall sound. “Pacific Ocean Don’t Die On Me” is an original song that has modern folk influences as well as having psychedelic overtones. Speaking literally about Environmental changes to the coastlines of British Columbia, it is a hopeful but sad song in its overall melody and sound. The chorus is rhythmic and sung well. “Begin The Benign” sounds like blues inspired psychedelia that is reminiscent of the later 1960’s, particularly with the guitars. The verses are guitar-free and mellow and as we get the bridge and chorus, the guitars come into the song and speed it up, and the song is like 2 songs in one – upbeat and uptempo with tambourines and synth-beats as well as mellow. The last song “Where Is Our Summer?” remind this writer of My Bloody Valentine from the early 1990’s. Slow, sad, mellow and trippy guitars are all in this one song. Overall, this EP is definitely worth the free download. I would recommend this to anyone who likes new and interesting music in the Indie vein/Vancouver modern folk scene.

You can find Rec Centre on their Myspace page as well as downloading this EP for free at this link:


Video – Rec Centre – Funner