RIP Amy Jade Winehouse (1984-2011)

On Saturday July 23, British soul singer Amy Winehouse was found dead in her North London home at approximately 4pm GMT.   As for the cause of death, British police say it is “unexplained” at this time.  Most people believe she overdosed with drugs and/or alcohol, including her mother and father.  Tributes, flowers, candles and notes are being left outside her home by the many fans of her music.  Although Amy only released two albums (Frank in 2003 and Back to Black in 2006) her voice was extraordinary.  She shot to fame in 2006 with the release of Back to Black which won multiple Grammy awards (5 out of the 6 categories she was nominated in) in 2007 at age 22.  Instant fame can lead to many things and in Amy’s case it lead to alcohol and drug addiction.

Amy Winehouse in concert, 2008.

Sadly, in the last five years after the release of the Back To Black, Amy’s life became tabloid trash as she sank deeper into her addictions.  Her marriage to Blake Fielder-Civil (2007-2009) was fueled by alcohol, heroin and crack cocaine.  Blake admitted to a British tabloid as saying ” he introduced her to crack cocaine and heroin”.  But, if we backtrack to 2005, Amy went through a period of drinking, heavy drug use, violent mood swings and weight lossPeople who saw her during the end of that year and early 2006 reported a rebound that coincided with the writing of Back to Black.  

As I went on to Twitter yesterday, so many stupid things were being said about her.  One tweet by a Canadian artist said “Why did the people around her not do anything?” to which I replied that “Um no – it was Amy herself who did not want the help as her many times in rehab clearly shows”.  In a Rolling Stone interview on 14 June 2007, Amy admitted that she had problems with self harm, manic depression and eating disorders.  She had these issues before she became famous and were only amplified with her fame.

I just hope that Amy has now found peace and that she is no longer in any pain.  RIP Amy you will be forever remembered by your astounding voice.

RIP Amy Winehouse in 2009 outside a London Courtroom.

UPDATED – August 15, 2011

British police have said that the autopsy of Amy Winehouse was “inconclusive” as to how she passed.  I believe that her body just gave out in some way from her past addictions.

CD Review – Beady Eye – Different Gear, Still Speeding

CD Review – Beady Eye – Different Gear, Still Speeding

Released UK: 28 February 2011

Released NA: 1 March 2011

by Jade Sperry


Beady Eye is a phoenix that has risen from the ashes of Oasis. This 13 song CD is by far the best work vocally that Liam Gallagher has done in 10 years. He sounds better than ever fronting this band which includes the members Andy Bell, Gem Archer and drummer Chris Sharrock. They are joined on tour only with live musicians Jeff Wootton (bass) and Matt Jones (keyboards). Recorded at RAK Studios with Steve Lillywhite (Peter Gabriel, The Psychedelic Furs and U2) producing the disc.

First off, I find the music on this CD is unique in it’s laid back but aggressive sound that is reminiscent of the British sound from the 1960’s as well as the 1990’s. The first song “Four Letter Word” simply states that “nothing lasts forever”. The music is choppy, fluid and forceful with good time changes and lyrics which give an impression of sending a message out in the universe that Beady Eye is here to stay. “Millionaire” is the second tune which is completely different than the first song. It has some stellar blues guitar work as well as having rock elements in the rhythm of the song. A very interesting and likeable song. “The Roller” is built on a good melody which is expanded by the first bridge of the song. I like this song because it’s stripped down musically and is speaking of “getting on with it”. The feel of the next song musically is definitely more 60’s inspired but “Beatles and Stones” also has modern chord structures which again makes for an interesting song. The melody is choppy but suits the chord structure and the final product sounds amazing. This is a rock and roll song. All of the songs on this CD are well written, produced and mixed as a total package. The music is fluid but choppy and trippy at times, is laid back but aggressive and gives me the impression that this music is more suited to Liam’s personal taste than Oasis ever had for him. That’s no slam against anyone – it’s just an observation about the music and how it’s being performed here on this CD.

Track listing:

  1. Four Letter Word
  2. Millionaire
  3. The Roller
  4. Beatles and Stones
  5. Wind Up Dream
  6. Bring The Light
  7. For Anyone
  8. Kill For A Dream
  9. Standing On The Edge of Noise
  10. Wigwam
  11. Three Ring Circus
  12. The Beat Goes On
  13. The Morning Sun

Other standouts on the CD are “Bring The Light”, “For Anyone”, “Standing On The Edge of Noise” and “The Morning Sun”, which is probably the best acoustically trippy song I’ve heard in 5 years. I would highly recommend this CD to anyone who likes blues, rock and roll and having some good times.