The Stick – EP Review – Fight Mode

EP Review – The Stick – Fight Mode

Released – September 30, 2010

by Jade Sperry


EP cover. Photo courtesy of the band.

The Stick are an electronic/trance/rap project from Vancouver BC and the 4 song EP is produced rather well. The track listing is as follows:

  1. Fight Mode
  2. The Grand Kowloon
  3. Pseudo Breaker
  4. Let Us Eat

At just under 2 minutes, the title track “Fight Mode” begins with some cool keys and when the voice comes in under the keys, it totally sounds like its underwater. Great opening for an electronic song! And the vocals get more layered into the music as the song flows very well until the fade out. “The Grand Kowloon” has some interesting sounds within the music and the song itself has some good time changes. With lyrics like “police say please/keep the peace” indicating that they don’t want to do that for the neighborhood where the rapper lives. This is very reminiscent of our society in today’s world. “Pseudo Breaker” opens with some funky electronic sounds with very good rap vocal structure coming right out of the speakers at you in a soft kinda laid back way. Speaking of “getting the scene” and “playing it safe” can be taken in many ways. I like the “mystery” in the vocals and how they are delivered and performed, especially towards the buildup at the end. “Let Us Eat” has a really cool groove and gets more layered as other sounds come into the song for the first minute and a half. The vocals sound far away which gives the song a good overall effect. Lyrically, it has nothing to do with food.

You can download the EP free from the link above and it would be well worth your while to have this EP in your collection if you like rap, electronic music with a trace vibe to it.