CD Review – The Murder Plans – Good Omens

CD Review – The Murder Plans – Good Omens

Released: September 24, 2010

by Jade Sperry



Residing in Canada’s capital city of Ottawa ON, The Murder Plans have released their newest offering called Good Omens. The 11-song CD is definitely a well crafted listening pleasure. Starting out with the haunting song “Someday I Won’t” which weaves a particular feeling through the listener to set up the rest of the songs that follow. Melancholy, strong and patient are words that best describe this song. In comparing these songs to their 2007 debut EP, this is a much more introspective offering. “Tell A Lie” is a song that is moody, dark and brooding in its melody and chord structure. The music through all songs is at times funky, jazzy, rocking and brooding – just the sort of music you would expect from a band that is emerging into its own style of music. Recorded and mixed by Dean Watson at Gallery Studios (the Soiree, Ana Miura, Jetplanes of Abraham) and mastering done by Phil Bova of Bova Sound (Jason Collett, Zeus, Hiltotrons, Arts & Crafts), the checks and balances are pretty much perfect. Other standout songs are “Hurt Somebody”, “A Minefield” and “Electric Lights” for this writer based on the remarkable seamless melodies and the way the songs make you feel…almost as if the band were in my living room and playing only to me. A job well done!


You can find The Murder Plans at their MYSPACE page which will give you various videos and links to where you can buy this CD as well as vinyl.


The Murder Plans Album release party September 24 2010 @ Elmdale Tavern.




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