EP Review – Green Go – Remix Project Vol 2

CD Review – Green Go – Remixes Volume II

by Jade Sperry


The Green Go Band are current residents in Guelph ON and consist of the following members: Ferenc Stenton, Jessica Tollefsen, Kyle Squance, Mark Andrade, Adam Scott, and Mike Brook.

Green Go hide behind zebra stripes. Photo courtesy of the band.

The Green Go Remix Project Vol II, available as a free download on the interwebs as of April 1st, features the band’s dual-organic and electronic re-hashings of their friends’ songs – Woodhands, Diamond Rings, Gregory Pepper and His Problems, and Think About Life, as well as their own fuzzed-out remake of their own track “Watch Your Step”, which originally appeared on their debut CD Borders. The band has played shows with the likes of Thunderheist, Think About Life, You Say Party! We Say Die, Fischerspooner, and hosts of others.

Remix Project Vol II is the follow-up to Remix Project Vol I, released in February 09. In retrospect, it was these remixes that proved to be the ticket that put Green Go on the map. Then, without a label to put out their finished debut, the band took to their home studio to tweak another fine set of friends and fellow Canadians – Born Ruffians, the D’Urbervilles, the Rural Alberta Advantage, Gentleman Reg, and Women. These remixes gained instant praise from the blogosphere across the world, including key tastemaker sites RCRD LBL, Hero Hill, I (Heart) Music, and others.

Remix Project Vol II is the result of a band with a vast amount of knowledge than first time around, and working with the subtle touch of producer/engineer Roger Leavens (the RAA, Woodhands). The result is a much more polished, refined sound than the previous set, and one which promises to continue to expand the gospel of Green Go until their sophomore effort is ready to roll, sometime early in 2011.

To begin with, all of these songs are great mash-ups of the originals. Starting out with the awesome song done by Gregory Pepper and His Problems “7ths and 3rds” the Green Go Team give the song trippy vocals and a steady dancebeat. Fuzzed out sounds in the background make the song fun and give it a light and happy feel-good emotion to it. Next up is a classic song by Diamond Rings – “All Yr Songs”. Beginning with a very atmospheric intro with the vocals coming in strong, this song is an awesome remake. Infectious sounds and voices pulsing in the background with a distant drumbeat under vocals saying “I feel it” make for a great shamanistic song for any dance party group. Woodhands’ song “Can’t See Straight” is the sleeper for this 6 piece band. Robotic voices make them sound like they are from the nether regions of outer space and melodic synths could lull you into believing you were in an outer space created by this music. I like how it gets really trippy towards mid-song with fast sounds whizzing by in the background of the song and builds to a great ending. “Sweet Sixteen” by Think About Life is very dance oriented. Layered on top of the 4-4 beat synth track is a 3-4 drum track and a 3-4 drum machine beat track. Lovely sound. I like the way it sounds with a distant slightly fuzzed-out vocal track. Infectious and catchy to say the very least. And finally, covering their own song “Watch Your Step” they kick it up a few notches and give the song a distinctive pattern to a great melody. Two tone vocal tracks layered over one another gives the song an ethereal feel to it and makes it seem otherworldly in many ways. These songs would be a welcome addition to any home party that you to get crazy in musical ways.

You can find the band at their MySpace page where there is a link to download these songs:

MYSPACE page: http://www.myspace.com/greengomusic


Jade Sperry thanks you very much for any and all comments. JS

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