CD Review – Floodlight

CD Review – Floodlight

by Jade Sperry


Release Date: TBA

Floodlight are led by David Truscott (lead vocals/guitar), a native of Victoria BC who at the age of 15 traveled to New York City and began performing and touring. He has played with critically acclaimed groups Breakwater and Honeysuckle. The latter group was one of Canada’s hardest working indie bands, and was voted Vancouver’s best live act by the readers of The Georgia Straight. After touring across Canada and the US, David decided to step up to front a new band and Floodlight was born. Rounding out the band are Andrew West (guitar), Chris Chuy (bass/vocals), Dasha Postnikova (keys/vocals) and Tobi Duquette (drums). The debut CD for this band has 13 songs that were written by David and Chris and every song is exceptional. They worked with Thomas Thacker and Theo Goutzinakis of Vancouver band GOB mixing and recording this CD.

Vancouver band Floodlight. Photo courtesy of the band.

The first song “Broken Record” sounds like the bands’ anthem song – high energy, infectious hard guitars and a fantastic rhythm. It’s a great song based on a really good melody, and is an excellent choice to start the CD. The guitars find the groove so easily and that takes the song high into the atmosphere with pounding drums that make you want to get up and dance. This song could easily be on CFOX’s current rotation. “Less Than Perfect” has some great keyboard work by Dasha which weaves through the guitar work by David and Andrew. This brings a big dimension to this song and it just works so well with the other band members. “Lost” has the classic minimal start, then goes into a full chorus and bridge and goes back to minimal for a good musical effect. “Forty Short” screams out of the gate and goes full on fast from the first note. This song is a total punk/hard rock song that just kicks you in the teeth and leaves you bleeding on the floor. Written on a good melody, this song has great flow and rhythm. “Pretty Things” is a rich and vibrant song that is so well mixed it blows my mind. Jazzy drumming, light keyboards and slow verses that go straight into a slow frenzy for the bridges and chorus makes for a good song. “Hey You” is a well mixed ballad that is very dreamy and relaxing. Written on a good melody and played very well by all members, this song is my favorite on the CD. “Sweet Moments” follows in the vein of “Hey You” but its more bare and stripped down musically. David’s vocals are absolutely stellar in bringing high emotion to this song and he knows how to sing very well. The slow guitar solo is so well done that I am reminded of Slash’s guitar playing in early ’90’s Guns ‘n’ Roses. Dasha’s backing vocals are punctuated in the right places in this song which brings in a feminine feel to it just at the very end. Wow. “Southern Lights” starts out with guitars a-blazing. Musically solid and played very well by everyone, the beginning of this song has shades of the UK band The Stone Roses. Edgy guitars and good vocal work make this song a standout on this collection of songs. I like the feeling of the song in general as it has a great vibe. “Shudder” has a great bass line that is so understated its smoking hot. The guitars weave in and out of the bass line to make for an interesting melodic fusion of music. I really like the guitar lines as well and how the song just flows seamlessly to a crashing crescendo. Brilliant. “Shake Down” has heavy guitars and great vocals by David who covers two octaves in this song. On the slower side this song still kicks you in the gut in a good way. There is a feeling of remorse in the guitar work in the chorus and in the solos. What I really like is the way the song builds towards the end. “Cherry Trees” has an ’80’s feel to it with the keyboards and guitars. A full sounding song that has a little bit of everything thrown in to make it an interesting song that changes time in the middle. The chorus is built up quickly right back into the bridge and the song ends strong. “Love Me Instead” has a resounding bass effect which grabs your attention right away. It also gives the song an emotional undercurrent of something that isn’t quite right. But that’s what gives the song its distinction. The final song “Through It All” has a mellow feel to it as its a slower song. I really like the guitars and vocal work by David and the rhythm of the song is steady and paced well.

While listening to this CD you realize that this band has extremely good songs that are well mixed and mastered and that this band has a lot of versatility and depth not only musically but lyrically, as all songs have lyrics every one of us can relate to. This debut can only mean one thing: this is THE band to watch over the next few years in the Vancouver area. It would not surprise me one iota that Floodlight could be as big as Muse are right now in the next 2 years.

You can find the band on their MYSPACE page. They also have a website that is still under construction that you can fin HERE.


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