CD Review – Bridges and Breakdowns

CD Review – Bridges and Breakdowns

by Jade Sperry

Bridges and Breakdowns are a band from Maple Ridge BC that was formed in 2007. In a three year period, they have risen to achieve their early goals which include a second place finish in the Battle of the Bands this past January (and they won a qualifier in December 2009 for that second place finish), opened for Ill Scarlet and Marianna’s Trench in February at an Olympic show in Surrey, and are now playing shows at The Media Club and other venues in the Vancouver area. Their self titled seven song CD shows that this band is serious and has depth. The members of the band are Tay MacRae (rhythm guitar and lead vocals), Kris DeLange (lead guitar), Tyson McLellan (bass) and Kevin Goode (drums). Tay and Kris trade off guitar solos through the songs to keep it even.

The CD opens with “Take You For A Ride” which has a great vibe throughout the entire song. Dirty guitar riffs and hard hitting drums with two pauses leading into the bridge and back out into the song makes this very appealing and could be on CFOX’s rotation playlists. “Take It” has a rock/metal/punk feel to it. Musically this a great song built on a very good melody. The vocal work by Tay is outstanding as is the guitar solo by Kris which reminds me of Slash meets Iron Maiden. “Goin’ Home” is a completely different song than the first two as it’s more a power ballad that has a laid back feel with an acoustic guitar that dominates the song. The guitar solo is outstanding in its simplicity but gives the song a mournful feel to it and the vocal work is effective in bringing an emotional side to the band. “You Won’t Like It” has some solid guitar work by Kris and a great rhythm section with the bass and drums. The only flaw is that the melody doesn’t quite hit the mark and sounds like a variation of the first song. “Find Another” is a song that musically is very uneven but interesting in that the unevenness of the song actually makes the song its own. Choppy guitar riffs over vocals that are hard sounding in a ¾ rhythm makes the song interesting in its construction. “These Days Are Over” is musically solid but lacks overall energy. The song itself is not bad and has a good time change in the chorus and bridge but there is just something missing. The final song “I Won’t Call” is a ballad that is well written and mixed. The feeling it creates is longing for something that is past and gone which all of us feel like at one time or another. Solid guitars and slow build ups to the bridges and choruses from the rhythm of the bass and drums makes this song the gem of this CD. Overall, this CD is well mixed and mastered and shows a band that is maturing right before our eyes and ears. I look forward to hearing more of Bridges and Breakdowns in the future.

The band is currently playing shows in the Vancouver area and are at The Roxy in Vancouver Tuesday April 27 for Canadian Content night. Doors are at 8pm, cover charge is $7 with a ticket and $10 without. Your cover charge includes one free beverage and a slice of pizza.

You can find the band at the following links for more show dates and vital information:

Band Website:

Band MySpace:

For Booking information please contact Steve at GoTime Productions:

Booking information:

GoTime Productions Home:


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