CD Review – A FOURTH WORLD – Volume I

A FOURTH WORLD, photo courtesy of the band.

CD Review – A FOURTH WORLD – Volume I

by Jade Sperry

Ryan Clifford (guitars/vocals), Peter Corriero (drums/backing vocals)and Neil Tyrrell (bass/synths/backing vocals) are driven by friendship and musical passion. They are one of Canada’s most talented three-piece rock bands. They provide listeners with honest rock songs that are peppered with rhythm, soul and emotional power. If you miss the amazing feeling of being emotionally connected to new rock and roll music, then A FOURTH WORLD could be the answer you have been longing for.

One of the first things I thought when I heard that there was a band named A FOURTH WORLD is that the academic term for “fourth world” is synonymous with stateless, poor and marginal nations. In this revelation of meaning, a trio from Toronto ON took on this band name and in 2008, released a CD of music that is anything but poor or marginal.

This 11-song CD is well mixed by GVB and mastered by Joao Carvalho. Volume I starts with a slow lead in with the song “Marv”. Starting out slow, it morphs completely within the first minute to become a song about trying your best in any situation that life throws at you. Lyrically, anyone can relate to this song. This trio are a tight unit that play very well together and that is evident in this song. The drums are the backbone of this song and although not hard hitting, it’s a subtle groove. The guitar work is intricate and well paced, as is the bass line. “Couldn’t Reach You” is a hard rocking song. The drums are fast and hard, the guitars loud and the bass keeps the timing. The time changes in this song with the synths really create a good effect on the listener. The melody of this song is really catchy, and lyrically, it’s a very solid song. “We Could Be The Ones” is a solid song no matter how you look at it. Based on an acoustic guitar with Janet Turner harmonizing on vocals with Ryan, this song is pure and has a beautiful melody. Lyrically a bit on the dark side, it does reflect our society at this moment in time. “Black Nights” musically reminds me of the power of the band Tool in this one song. The change up leading to the bridge by all three is really well placed and the song is mixed extremely well. Lyrically this song speaks of making choices, becoming cut off from everyone and everything and retreating into your own world. The other 7 songs are equally as good as the first 4. Varied, well played and emotional, this CD is a step in a direction that only A FOURTH WORLD know. I am eager to hear step 2 which may be before the fall weather comes for us later this year.

The band is playing several shows as well as a live show on the internet. Here are dates:

April 16 @ All Stars, Brampton ON. Show 21.15, call venue for price details.

April 24 – 20.00 on Band Access TV – Live Interview and studio performance

April 24 @ The Green Bottle, Oshawa ON. Show 23.00, call venue for price details.

May 7 @ Lee’s Palace, Toronto ON. Show 20.00, call venue for price details.

And, you can find the band at the following sites:

Official My Space page:

Reverbnation page:

Official Facebook page:


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