Cop Shades EP Review

Cop Shades live photo, courtesy of the band.


by Jade Sperry

COP SHADES are a trio that consists of Remi Cormier (vocals/effects), Colin Muir (bass) and Kyle McDonald (drums) who reside in Moncton NB.  They have released their debut EP as a free download on Superbob Records (link is at the bottom of this post) which is the label home of The Monoxides formed by Ken Kelley.  The band pegs their music “stoner/indie/experimental”, and indeed, they are just that.  Formed in mid 2009, they introduce a slick fusion of indie, psychedelic, electronic and desert rock to the ears of the listener on this 5 song EP.

The first song “I Shit Ponies” is a classic song that reminds this writer of early Sonic Youth back in the day: echoed vocals, heavy vocal effects, fuzzed out bass and all with a steady beat from the drummer.  With no guitars in this band, I find that one element refreshing for a change.  “Gentlemen’s Concentration Camp” has a deliciously dark and sinister twist of lyrics combined together with the music that is mostly in minor tones which set the song off in a totally different direction than the first song.  This shows the band has depth and is versatile in going off in a direction that most bands today don’t explore. “Women’s Rights” is about a man falling for a beautiful female policewoman.  There is high energy in this song, I like the fun in the lyrics, and its a very well mixed song.  The drums really go boldly in this song which gives it a consistent groove to work from.  “The Sorority” is a good song that is well mixed but lacks construction.  The final song is for this writer, a gem.  “North Korean Arts Degree” is the best song musically speaking in a long time.  Starting with the bass with the drums not far behind, it suddenly becomes a punk song that ends in a Chris Cornell-ish scream.  Nirvana meets Sonic Youth and Soundgarden head on to end this EP on a very high note.

The band is very busy these days in preparation of going into the studio to record a full length album and also will tour Canada extensively this summer.  With two Vancouver shows planned, I will be there with my camera to capture the moment.

Download their EP for FREE at Superbob Records.

Check out COP SHADES debut video and also where they will be touring this summer on their My Space page.


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