4 song EP Review – Philoceraptor

EP cover, courtesy of the band.

EP Review – Philoceraptor

by Jade Sperry

Philoceraptor is composed of Justin Penney on Guitars, Steve Mann on Guitars, and Phil Jette on drums. They wrote “Grammar” about fifteen minutes into their first jam, according to their My Space page (http://www.myspace.com/philoceraptor).

The four songs on this EP are truly diverse, interesting and leave you wanting more.  This trio of young men remind me of a band from Philly called MewithoutYou.  Hard rocking tunes and raw vocals are evident on the first song “Grammar”.   There is fuzzed guitar feedback and hard-hitting drumbeats assaulting your eardrums with a 4 count break lead into the song itself.  The melodies of this song are bridged and with small tempo changes and I really dig this song.  The vocal work by Steve and Justin is strong and steady and the song on whole could easily be on college radio.  “Learjet” is a song that has a bit of a darker side musically speaking as it is mostly in minor notes.  Well mixed this song is a standout of the four as it is a genderless song.  This is becoming more prevalent within our society as a whole, and Philoceraptor capture that within the lyrics of the song.  “It’s Not Me It’s You” is a good song about self-preservation.  Knowing the difference is what this song is about.  Solid guitar work by both Justin and Steve with Phil giving the song a great backbone.  The final song is called “Advanced” which has good tempo changes several times throughout the song as well as solid work by all three members.  Overall, this EP points to a lot of potential by three young musicians.  I am looking forward to hearing more of Philoceraptor in the future.

You can download the EP for FREE from the band’s My Space page:
My Space Band page

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