Interview with Philoceraptor

Interview with Philoceraptor

by Jade Sperry

Philoceraptor in their rehersal space, photo courtesy of the band.

Philoceraptor are three individuals who have traveled to different parts of Canada for different reasons.  In their own words “there really isn’t anything too exciting about this story; Steve went to school with Justin in Quebec- Justin worked with Phil in Vancouver – Steve moved to Vancouver. Then after several weeks of procrastination we all made it into the studio, and I think we wrote “Grammar” within 15 minutes of our first jam”.  This song is very much like Sonic Youth meeting Tokyo Police Club for a jam.  The spontaneity is evident in this song as well which makes it a live off the floor song.

With such an unusual name, I wondered what were the origin of the band name and why they formed the band.  They mutually responded that “we wanted to form the band because all three of us have written songs and all three of us enjoy cheap beer. Philoceraptor is the child of these two pastimes. As for the name, Phil boasted that he got called Philoceraptor in bed once, but we found out after it was only due to his unusually long toenails.”  Interesting answer.

When they were writing the songs on this four song EP, they found that “vocals and lyrics are shared between Steve and Justin while the music is pretty collaborative. Someone brings in an idea and we just mess around with it until something cohesive is achieved.”  That sounds like fun which is also evident in the songs in general.

The goals the band have set for themselves is realistic and they state that they want to “play shows and write more songs. Get known by more than just our girlfriends (who don’t really seem to like our music).”  Contrary to that the band says that “obstacles are only a problem when you have momentum.”  Very true statement to make as well as honest.

What does this young trio have to say about the current state of the music industry?  Collectively they responded by saying that “I don’t think the state of the music industry really matters. “Making it” is no longer a legitimate goal for a band. There are so many outlets available to indie bands nowadays that you don’t have to rely on the industry, or signing to a label, or whatever in order to make music and perhaps be heard. We just make noise until that noise becomes “music” and that process is more or less satisfying. The possibility of being paid to do this would probably cause me to make some extremely poor decisions, thereby ruining my life.”  This band is impressive in their irony and well as honesty.”

Challenges are experienced by many indie bands these days in regards to getting a paid gig, and when I asked the band what challenges they face in this area they said “how hard is it to find a place to play in Vancouver? We’ll let you know when we start looking. We decided to record an EP prior to actively searching out shows, so we’ll keep you posted when this happens.”  I always find it interesting about young bands just starting out how they answer questions with sarcastic humor.  This makes them interesting to interview via email.

I asked the guys about where they see themselves in two years time and they stated that “hopefully we’re still together, doing a more streamlined version of what we’re doing now.”

Lastly, I asked the band what they would like to people to know about them and they responded by saying that “we’re not serious, but we’re not kidding either. But actually on a serious note, we just want to say Matt Gauthier at the Track Factory ( is the man. Made us sound respectable.”

I agree.  This is 4 solid songs and a good beginning for this young trio from Vancouver.  You can find the band at their various sites:

Band website:

Contact the band:


Jade Sperry thanks you very much for any and all comments. JS

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