Mip’s Debut EP Review of Caught In Between

CD cover for Caught In Between, courtesy of the artist.

Mips Debut EP: Caught in Between

by Jade Sperry

Contact: mipsmusic@gmail.com

My Space Site: http://www.myspace.com/mipsmusic

At 23, mip has performed at a variety of festivals, night clubs and cafes. She has shared the stage with 2 time Juno Award winner Alex Cuba and has toured in New York and Ontario as a back-up vocalist for blues rocker Rachelle Van Zanten (formerly of Painting Daisies). After reading that in her bio, I was intrigued with the music of mip who is very proud of her Smithers, BC, origins but lives in Toronto ON presently. I put the EP into the cd player and heard energetic, fun melodies with solid work on guitars and vocals throughout the 6 song EP. Mip’s voice has a Melissa Etheridge-like edge to it and also has that husky and whiskeysoaked vocal chord quality that blues singers die for. The first song and EP title track Caught In Betweenis fun, fast and filled with high energy that is infectious to the listener. This could easily be a hit song. Well written and mixed it’s delivered exactly the way it should be. My Midnightstarts out slow and misleads you into believing its a forlorn song when suddenly the drums and bass hit the song in just the right place and the song changes pace effortlessly. That is a very effective way to make the listener change course with the band and enjoy the scenery. Great vocal work on every song with really well versed musicians. Overall this is a really good start on a career that could go in several directions and it depends on what mip wants to explore. I for one am looking forward to her next project.

Mip is playing a show on Wednesday March 31 at Rancho Relaxo in Toronto.


Jade Sperry thanks you very much for any and all comments. JS

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