Hayley Stark EP Review of Get Over It

Jennifer Bryan and Monica Julie are the women of Hayley Stark, photo courtesy of the artists.

CD Review – Hayley Stark – Get Over It EP

by Jade Sperry

Jennifer Bryan is a roaring girl in every sense of the phrase. She has played lead guitar in a host of metal bands and you can catch her lending her skills to the popular Toronto-based band The Roaring Girl Cabaret. Monica Julie is well known for her multi-faceted musical expertise. She has captivated crowds as a technical and hard-hitting metal drummer in the bands Spankdriven, Bound Ether and In The Wake.

Their first project together is Hayley Stark, and their new EP release, Get Over It, has songs that are folksy, jazzy and filled with lyrics that have emotion and heart. This EP is very impressive. “Let Me Go (Tonight)” is the lead off song which is very well written and mixed. With each song, Jennifer and Monica have great vocal harmonies and also acoustic guitar melodies that ebb and flow like water. They sing about life, love, relationships and turbulent times and each song has its own theme. For two women who have a “metal” background, you would never know this based on these 6 songs. One other song that is a standout is “Somebody Else” which has really good lyrics, vocal harmonies and emotion within the lyrics. I found myself humming along with the songs “One Good Reason” and “Pour Me A Drink” as the melodies of these 2 songs are pleasant and lingering. Overall, this CD is solid, well written and mixed, and is a complete turn around from the metal scene.

You can find Hayley Stark at their My Space page where you can buy the CD direct from there.


Jade Sperry thanks you very much for any and all comments. JS

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