Sex With Strangers – Show Review

Sex with Strangers, photo by Jade Sperry.

Sex With Strangers Show Review

January 28, 2010 @ The Lamplighter Lounge, Vancouver BC

 by Jade Sperry

 I left work shortly after 8pm to go to Gastown in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. The night was pleasant and after having a meal, I went to the Lamplighter Lounge for a live show. I arrived shortly after 9pm, and the first band was on. This venue has recently been renovated, and it is has a great vibe. The sound was pretty good no matter where you were. I wasn’t too sure which band was playing but they were very good. I found later that the band was Lengthy List of Lovers. Great melodies! Shortly after that, Accost were on. This was a band with some teeth. Good vocal work by Chantelle on pretty much every song with synths behind guitars to make a repetitive bass-like sound. Solid showmanship, crowd interaction and total enthusiasm was what this band was about.

 Shortly before Sex With Strangers were to be on, I went to the front of the stage as I wanted to get some really good shots of the band in action. The show was high energy from the first chords to the last dance. A standout for this writer was the great rhythm work by the mysterious Magnus Magnum who hid behind Isabel because of the stage setup with drummer Dallas Archangel. They both laid the road open for frontman Hatch Benedict to act totally unpredictable as he danced with his band onstage and came out to join the masses on the floor. I was really surprised at how well behaved the crowd was in giving space to a photographer at the front. Amazing. Wedge Beavers on guitar was quietly playing himself into a subtle frenzy towards the end of the set, but not before the band had performed “New City Anthem” and as they closed the show out, members of the audience, myself included, got up and danced away the final notes of the gig. With high five’s all around, I would like to give kudos to the band for such a high energy, tripped out and up time at a show.

 I would last like to thank Mark, cheers!, and the door staff at the Lamplighter. You guys should get a raise! You can find all the bands mentioned here in this article at the following links:


Lengthy List of Lovers

Sex With Strangers

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