CD Review – Greyawake – Know This Tension

CD Cover

Greyawake – Know This Tension

by Jade Sperry

Greyawake are a progressive Punk band from Cambridge ON. Their first EP, Know This Tension , is crafted by individual talents joining forces to create a dynamic 7 song debut. From the first song “Bebop and Rocksteady” to the last song “Handsome Stanley”, this is a solid outing for this quartet. Intricate melodies weave a fast, aggressive sound that is totally their own. Besides having a definite punk sound, I found that there are also some elements of jazz, particularly fusion jazz that is deeply layered in with punk. A good example of this is the song “Roughinit”. This song is well structured and has stellar guitar work by Kyle and Tyler along with steady rhythm lines with both the bass and drums. Another standout song for this writer is the song “Pissin’ In The Wind” which is a really funked out hard punk song. Fast, aggressive guitars with good vocal work by Kyle makes this a standout.

You can find the band on their MYSPACE page. The EP can be listened to on Myspace and if you want to get the EP, you can contact the band. Also, Greyawake have upcoming shows on Friday February 5 at The Circus Room in Kitchener ON., and on Sunday March 7 at Vinyl in Guelph ON. Both shows have a door time of 8pm.


Jade Sperry thanks you very much for any and all comments. JS

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